Personal Style: The Way I Dress Series

The importance of a man’s personal style can’t be belabored enough.  Wearing expensive clothes or spending a ridiculous amount of time getting ready are not the goal. More so it’s about trying to develop and express a personal aesthetic, showing the world what excites you visually by carrying it around with you on your back.

In this series, The Way I Dress, men explore their philosophy behind personal style and give us a little insight into the daily ritual of preparing to leave the house. They are also beautifully put together. I would like to see some more variation in the styles, it felt a touch homogenous.

Matthew Moneypenney had this to say in his interview:

“…There are several things when I look for when hiring a new employee, intelligence is probably the single biggest factor. The other thing that I look for in employees is a very visceral sense of style that’s very much their own, its not about the labels that you wear…”

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